Fire Damage and Fire Restoration.

Okay…We spoke about Fire Remediation a little and we will go into more detail on the remediation process for residential and commercial property damage due to a fire but now, I want to touch on the Restoration process for fire damage.

Simply put…Restoration is the process of “putting your property back together again“! (The fun part…!)

After we’ve completed the remediation, we begin the process of restoring your property to “pre-loss condition“. If you’ve suffered damage to your property and have gone through this process, you may have heard the insurance company use the term “Indemnification“; the process of returning the property to pre-loss condition.

The restoration process varies depending on many factors, including the extent of the damage and whether the property was residential or commercial. For our sake here, we’re going to assume a localized fire within the home that caused fire, heat and smoke damage throughout the property.  Once we have the remediation done (taking apart) and we’ve gotten the property down to the structure, we start the process of working with our client to put it back together again.

No…we don’t make the client swing a hammer or run electric… :) We allow our customer, within the scope of the monies allowed by their insurance, to make minor changes and pick our their colors and flooring and cabinets, etc…just like building a new house! In most cases, we have clients who thank us for changing something about their home which they’ve always wanted but never did.

This is a fun process that allows the client to relax after a tragedy because they see their home, or business, is coming together again!

In the coming weeks, we’re going to look at some of the differences that some projects had between where they started, and how they finished!  We’ll explore some of changes and upgrades that some clients were able to make in their home or business.

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