Mold Removal/Remediation by a Qualified Mold Removal Company.

When mold colonies become noticeable they have already grown strong enough to begin causing health issues. These issues may be as subtle as slight allergic reactions or as severe as respiratory distress depending on the mold and a persons genetic sensitivity.

If the affected area is under 10 square feet it may be a situation the property owner can handle themselves should they choose. If so, please use an approved mold killing agent as bleach is not! Although bleach will kill most of the visible mold (fruiting structure), it will also harm the individual using it. In addition, if the mold removal is not performed properly the bleach solution will not destroy all of the mold’s rooting structure, and if the existing moisture condition is not remedied, the roots will continue to grow and the colony will return.

For any mold growth greater then 10 square feet, you should always call a qualified mold removal/ mold remediation company.

In the coming weeks we will continue to talk about mold removal and mold remediation. We encourage you to ask questions about situations you may be dealing with in relation to mold growth, mold damage to your home and the mold removal process.

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