Residential and Commercial, Fire and Water, Remediation and Restoration… What Is All That, Anyway???

Fire and water remediation and restoration….  Take it apart and then put it all back together again.

What is remediation and what is restoration?  I’m asked that question multiple times a day.  Sometimes, people who have had remediation work done in their home or office didn’t realize it had a name!    :)

Simply put, remediation is the process of “taking it apart“, by removing all the damaged areas of the structure (that can be safely removed) along with removing the damaged personal property.  This is usually the part of both residential and commercial, fire and water damage that most clients find overwhelming, and where a great deal of care is taken to ensure the clients home and belongings, damaged or not, are treated with the proper respect.

We treat your home, as our own…  It’s more than just a saying.  That respect is necessary to help the client through a difficult process.

There are significant differences, along with many similarities, when it comes to the remediation process for fire damage and water damage.  Fire always leads to remediation for smoke damage and water sometimes leads to  remediation for organic growth.  It’s important to contact Phoenix Restoration & Environmental Services as quickly as possible to stop water damage from causing mold growth… time is of the essence!

Over the next few posts, we’re going to go a little further into detail about the remediation process for both fire and water, along with touching upon smoke and mold.  Come back and ask questions or leave comments… we are here to help!