Residential Fires and Restoration in Stroudsburg/Mount Pocono Pennsylvania, Part 2

In our last post, we reviewed a partial list of items, or situations, within your home that are most likely to cause fires.  Today we’re going to concentrate on one…  Literally, # 1.  Let’s talk about the number one cause of house fires…. Kitchen cooking fires.

Home cooking fires caused nearly half (45%) of all reported, residential fires  for 2012, with an estimated 156,400 residential fires that caused approximately $993,000,000 in fire damage.  Just over 5300 people were injured and more regrettably, there were 410 deaths.  In fact, cooking fires have taken the number one spot on this terrible list since 1990.

Now here’s the good news; the majority of all cooking fires stem from the same simple mistake.  Avoid this mistake and you’ll greatly decrease your chance of a dangerous house fire.  Very simple….

The number one cause of cooking fires is unattended cooking.  Completely preventable!  Think of the lives saved and the fire damages avoided if everyone was a little more attentive to what’s cooking.  It’s a tragic lesson repeated by many, but one you should learn here, and not repeat!

So please…. whenever you’re cooking at home and you need to move away from the kitchen for an extended period of time, turn the stove off.  It’s something that may seem unimportant or annoying until it saves you from becoming a preventable statistic.  Think about it…

In our next post, we’re going to review what to do, and NOT do, should you experience a cooking fire.  Knowing some very simple steps could mean the difference between extensive fire damage or none!  Please, check back soon to learn the proper steps in the event of a cooking fire.

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