Residential Fires and Restoration in Stroudsburg/Mount Pocono Pennsylvania!

We are lucky enough to live in the Stroudsburg/Mount Pocono area of the Poconos Pennsylvania, but along with the natural beauty and great lifestyle, there are inherent dangers associated with living in a rural area with relation to home, or business fires.

Because some homes and businesses are a distance from a local fire station, even a small house fire can get out of control and cause extensive fire damage.  There are some easy ways to seriously reduce the damage, and injuries, caused by a fire, thereby reducing the scope and cost of the remediation and restoration process…

1). Take all necessary steps to eliminate fire risks,  2). Have the necessary equipment to become the first line of defense in case of a fire and,  3). Make sure everyone, whether it’s your family at home, or your employees at the office… make sure everyone is trained in a pre-determined escape route and regrouping plan.

Let’s address number one right now;  Taking as many steps possible to reduce the risk of fire. Sounds reasonable… heck… sounds like common sense, right?  But do you know what in your home is most likely to cause a fire??

The statistics from the National Fire Protection Association are out for 2012, so let’s look at the top causes of home fires here in the Poconos, and across the country….

  • Children playing with fire,
  • Electrical failures in the home/office,
  • Home candle fires,
  • Home cooking fires,
  • Fires involving electrical distribution including fixtures,
  • Fires started by children playing (not playing with fire directly),
  • Home heating fires (big here in the Poconos area because of improperly maintained fireplaces),
  • Intentional fires (Just don’t do it!!)

This is not a full list of hazards capable of starting structural fires, and they are listed above in no particular order, but these are the leading causes in 2012.  Please, take a moment to look around your home or office and identify any possible catalysts found on this list such as making matches less accessible to children, no longer ignoring that switch or receptacle that doesn’t work properly, getting your fireplace and/or heating system serviced each year, being aware of what’s cooking, etc…

These are some easy, proactive steps to greatly reduce the risk of your family experiencing a devastating home fire.

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