Phoenix Services – Fire

A fire in your home or business is a terrible experience as most fires, even small ones, cause extensive damage to the structure and your personal belongings. After you’ve experienced a fire, it is important to begin the cleaning process as quickly as possible to stop any further damage. The professionals at Phoenix Restoration & Environmental Services will assess the damage, accurately estimate the time and cost to restore and/or replace your damaged property and properly complete the restoration and rebuilding process to our customer’s satisfaction.

Phoenix will immediately begin to restore your life, and your personal belongings, to their pre-loss condition.

Following a fire, it is important to contact your insurance carrier as quickly as possible so an insurance adjuster can assist with determining the extent and cost of the damage. After a budget has been established for the covered damages, Phoenix can begin to work with you and your insurance carrier to restore, replace and rebuild your property as needed.

We work with our clients to create an inventory of their personal belongings, separating those that can be restored from those that have to be disposed of, saving you the expense of repurchasing items which can be salvaged.

Next, our extensive construction experience will allow us to accurately determine the extent of any structural damage to your home or business, from the foundation to the roof and from your HVAC to your electrical service and wiring. Everything needs to be inspected for your safety.

Once we’ve determined what structural work may be needed, we will rebuild your home or business with the same care and quality we’ve become known for over the past 20 years. Our construction background allows us to work with our customer within the budget afforded by their insurance carrier to make their home as beautiful as it was. We treat your home as our own!

Before completing the transformation from the damage to your home, Phoenix will provide a report making any recommendations we believe will help avoid future fires.