Phoenix Services – Smoke

By its very nature, smoke is a unique and complex form of damage that requires specific remediation depending on the type and extent of smoke damage present. In some cases, a home or business owner may not even be aware of smoke damage, although a trained professional can find it!

Due to the nature of smoke even a small amount can penetrate wall cavities using the smallest of spaces, such as electrical outlets and fixtures and, even small spaces in the sheetrock behind molding. Any amount of smoke that gets into the wall cavities of a structure needs to be taken care of; otherwise, the smell can stay present for a very long time. A heavy amount of smoke damage can even hasten the deterioration of wood members so it’s always best to have any type of smoke damage investigated and remediated properly.

The first part of the process is establishing what areas have been affected by smoke and what areas have not been affected. With the right tools at our disposal, this is an easy process. It allows us to address only those areas necessary and alert the customer to what personal possessions have been affected as well.

At the same time, we will assess what type of smoke damage has occurred. This is critical as different types of damage require different remediation methods to ensure the problem is addressed completely. Smoke is not just smoke, as there are several different types of smoke-related damage typically seen in residential and commercial properties.