Residential Fire Damage & Restoration in Stroudsburg/Mt. Pocono Pennsylvania, Part 3

In our last post we looked at the number one cause of cooking fires, unattended cooking, which is a completely avoidable situation.  However, what should you do when a cooking fire happens and threatens to damage your kitchen, or worse… your entire home.  You need to be prepared to fight back because you are the […]

Residential Fires and Restoration in Stroudsburg/Mount Pocono Pennsylvania, Part 2

“Home cooking fires caused nearly half (45%) of all reported, residential fires for 2012.”

Residential Fires and Restoration in Stroudsburg/Mount Pocono Pennsylvania!

“…1). Take all necessary steps to eliminate fire risks, 2). Have the necessary equipment to become the first line of defense in case of a fire and, 3). Make sure everyone, whether it’s your family at home, or your employees at the office… make sure everyone is trained in a pre-determined escape route and regrouping plan….”

Prevent Fire Damage and Fire Restoration with…a Fire Extinguisher! (con’t)

In our last post, we left off talking about a class C fire extinguisher and why there was nothing to indicate how large an area in which the extinguisher is effective and/or the gallons of water contained within the extinguisher.  Whenever you see an extinguisher with a “C” classification, that means the extinguisher can handle […]

Prevent Fire Damage and Fire Restoration with…a Fire Extinguisher!

Today we’re going to begin talking about a couple different types of fires, what they burn, how they’re rated and the extinguisher used to fight them. There are four basic classes of fire extinguisher used to combat five different types of fires.

Fire Damage and Fire Restoration.

Okay…We spoke about Fire Remediation a little and we will go into more detail on the remediation process for residential and commercial property damage due to a fire but now, I want to touch on the Restoration process for fire damage.

Simply put…Restoration is the process of “putting your property back together again”! (The fun part…!)

Fire Damage and Restoration.

I wanted to take a moment to share some sobering facts that also point toward some encouraging trends. As reported by the United States Fire Administration (part of FEMA), in 2010, there were 362,100 residential fires in the United States.  These fires resulted in 2,555 deaths, 13,275 injuries and caused $6,646,900,000 in damage.  That is […]

Residential and Commercial, Fire and Water, Remediation and Restoration… What Is All That, Anyway???

What is remediation and what is restoration? I’m asked that question multiple times a day. Sometimes, people who have had remediation work done in their home or office didn’t realize it had a name! :)

Fire and water remediation and restoration…. Take it apart and then put it all back together again.

From The Poconos To Lehigh Valley, Phoenix Restoration Is Here For You!

We are just finishing up a project in the northern Poconos.  It was a kitchen fire that caused extensive fire, heat and smoke damage to the home, along with water damage from firefighters extinguishing the fire. The customer became very special people to us at Phoenix Restoration & Environmental Services and we have a new […]

Mold Removal and Mitigation; Mold Facts part 1

I want to attempt to “mitigate” a rumor we hear again and again regarding mold. Many homeowners try and figure out when mold got into their home and began to grow. Truth is, the molds are always in your home and it’s surrounding environment.

Molds are all around you, all the time, and they only need the proper environment to set up shop and begin to reproduce. So what is necessary for mold to go from dormant to active? Don’t you wanna know…. :)