Let’s get right down to it…mold is gross and it can be very hazardous to your health. Although mold is found everywhere in nature, you don’t want it in your home. Some molds can be downright deadly, so no mold problem in your home or business, no matter how small it may seem, should go untreated. It is vital to properly identify what type of mold is living within your property and to what extent. Proper testing of the environment is necessary to mitigate any mold problem. Phoenix has the experience and equipment to properly identify, treat and remove any mold hazard.

Welcome to Phoenix. If you are a real estate professional, you are in the right place for all your mold remediation needs. Mold remediation is all we do and we do it CORRECTLY every time!

At Phoenix we ONLY work for real estate brokers, agents and property managers. We do NOT work for the public at large, for banks, for insurance companies or for contractors.

All of our inspections are FREE. We will meet with you or any client, buyer or seller, on site to review the findings for FREE!

Do not be fooled by the latest gimmicks of fogging, ozone or guaranteed non-invasive remediation. By its nature, PROPER remediation requires some materials to be removed at times depending on the situation. The only proper remediation is by NAMRI and/or IAQA standards, period! You do NOT treat mold in proper remediation… you remove the mold and treat the substrate that was colonized, and colonized porous materials require removal. Contrary to what you may read on “the google”, all molds are remediated the same way; according to the substrates, not the mold type!

Remediation is necessary when any mold is colonizing a surface in the indoor environment, allowing for mold material, spores and mycotoxins to saturate an area of the home or the entire home. Mold affects ALL humans in two ways: One- the mold tissue (hyphae) and the spores will act mainly as an allergen. As with any allergen, any individual’s reaction is specific to that person, the type and concentration of the mold material and the length of exposure. Two- Mycotoxins. This is a totally different situation.

Mold exists in two states; active and dormant. When active, it is growing, reproducing, colonizing and kicking out a secondary metabolite called a mycotoxin. As you may have guessed from its name, there are mycotoxins that are TOXIC to humans and a few of them LOVE to grow in our homes!! You have no natural immune defense against mycotoxins so the longer your exposure to mycotoxins, the worse the effects to your body; a battle of attrition… When released consistently in the indoor environment, the toxins will continue to build in saturation and their effects will increase in severity. Some people will react quicker and with greater intensity than others, but EVERYONE reacts to mycotoxins! The longer your exposure, the worse it gets, so proper remediation should happen with haste.

Oh…and if you had an air test done and now you have this long report with a bunch or fungi names you don’t know and numbers you can’t make sense of and NO ONE can or will tell you what it all means and if “its safe”…just call us. We’ll go over the test results with you for FREE and help you make sense of it all. BUT be prepared because NO ONE can tell you anything is “safe”. There has never been a safe allowable level of mold exposure ever established…EVER. And there most likely never will be. As stated above, everyone reacts specifically and individually to so many factors, including their own biology, that no “safe level” can be established. So, if mold is colonizing within a home, it should never be considered safe or be ignored.