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Looking for a knowledgeable, honest, professional mold remediation services that care about people more than their own wallet? Please stop searching here, with PHOENIX RES! Sounds like a commercial? Surprise, it’s not! Trust me, Phoenix is the one you need and want! The epitome of professionalism, integrity and humility! Our experience was exceptional, to say the least. Throughout the whole nerve-wracking process (for us), Joe was very patient, he went above and beyond communicating and explaining every detail of every step along the way as the project unraveled; from demolition to remediation. There were no surprises, everything was explained thoroughly, all questions answered, anxiety put to rest. Most importantly, we have never met anyone as kind, generous, and honest as Phoenix. Joe inspected not one, but THREE houses for us, no charge! He could have stopped and remediated any one of them, but he cared more about our son’s well-being than his own time or money made on so-to-speak “bigger jobs.” (We were astounded by his knowledge of medical implications of mold, more versed than most medical professionals we met). Furthermore, have you ever heard of refund after signing a contract, just because the job was completed sooner than anticipated? I haven’t, not until Phoenix. If that doesn’t scream integrity, then I don’t know what does! Furthermore, Phoenix’s generosity and dedication to their clients does not stop there. To put our minds at ease, they continue to periodically check up on the house. We are forever grateful to Joe and his crew for putting up with us through the process and continuing to do so. Thank you, Phoenix! — The Tashlyk Family, Homeowners