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I can’t express my appreciation for the work done for me by Joe Murphy and Phoenix Restoration. I am involved in the real estate industry in the Pocono area in several capacities: as a Realtor, as a builder and as an investor. Joe was referred to me last year after torrential rains followed heavy snows causing rivers of water to run through a home we had just completed renovating. To make matters worse, hydrostatic pressure was causing water to come up through the concrete slab. Not bad enough? Okay – so we had just listed the house and were going to have an Open House in a few days.

I was given Joe’s number by a respected friend. Joe said he would take care of the problem and took all the property information. I was more than amazed when a couple hours later Joe was at the house dealing with all of the water issues. In a completely *un*-Pocono-like manner, Joe showed up earlier than promised. He returned to the house at least 5 times over the next 12 hours checking on the progress of the drying out of the carpeting
and walls. And over the course of the next few days he returned repeatedly until everything was bone dry.

My experience with Phoenix Restoration far exceeded my expectations. Such excellent, quick service is very, very hard to find these days – in the Poconos or anywhere else for that matter. By acting quickly Joe saved me even more headaches and expenses by limiting the amount of damage done by the water issue.

Without any hesitance whatsoever, I recommend Phoenix Restoration. Since then, all my dealings with Joe have been met with the same high standards and quality of service. Consider yourself lucky to have found such a fine company to work with.
— Fred Weiner